I’m a runner. I certainly won’t break any speed or distance records, but I like getting out there to run. I started running about seven years ago and very much looked forward to my first 5k race. Once I started entering races I was hooked!

I didn’t expect the running community to be so friendly. Fellow runners are caring and concerned. After they cross the finish line, they double back so they can cheer on the rest of the runners, shouting out encouragement, cheering, and clapping loudly.

In many ways, the history community is a lot like the running community. We’re concerned about our field as a whole, and we look for ways to make our work better not only at our individual organizations, but also at large. We all work to be our very best. We’re cheerleaders for each other.

So lace up your kicks and join us in Louisville as the running and history fields come together for a brand new AASLH 5k fun run. The program committee has put together an excellent course that combines exercise, beautiful scenery, and a little history for good measure. The race is on Saturday morning, and is early enough that you can still attend a session in the morning. Sign up for the race on the AASLH Annual Meeting Registration form. If you’ve already registered, it’s not too late—contact the AASLH office to add the fun run to your registration. See you at the finish line!