Every year the Kennedy Center’s Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability (LEAD®) conference brings together professionals, both experienced and new, who are working to make cultural arts programs and facilities accessible to people with disabilities of all ages. Join us in Pittsburgh, PA from July 31-August 6 to meet and mingle with peers, learn about the latest technological advances, get the straight talk on legal issues, and strategize about how to reach, welcome, and engage patrons and visitors of all abilities.



The LEAD® Conference welcomes attendees in all stages of professional development. No matter what level of experience you have, newcomers will receive the tools and information they need to develop a successful accessibility program while discussion groups and advanced session tracks address accessibility for the most experienced.



Our sessions cover everything from accessibility for built environments, programs, and communication, to legal obligations and customer service. We also offer the opportunity to engage in conversations with colleagues who are enthusiastic about accessibility and eager to share their insights and learn from others.

Please join us to continue the dynamic dialogue to share exciting ideas and explore new and innovative ways to welcome everyone through the doors of our organizations. To learn more about the LEAD® Conference, visit our FAQ page. We look forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh.


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Photos by Chris Zarconi