Members of the AASLH Council, AASLH President John Dichtl, and External Relations Coordinator John Marks invite you to join them at 2018 Museums Advocacy Day, February 26-27, in Washington, D.C. Joining 300 other advocates in Washington is a powerful way to support history organizations and their visitors and to press the issues impacting museums. Last year, museum advocates hit the hill in record numbers. It’s also an exciting form of professional development for you.

Registration is free to AASLH members using this code: MAD2018_AASLH. American Alliance of Museums staff and others will provide policy briefings and schedule meetings for you on Capitol Hill.

Whether you can go or not, AAM has developed a long list of resources to help build advocacy skills, learn about Congress, make the case for our field, and get involved in advocacy for your museum. To make the case for history, there’s help in the Value of History statement from the History Relevance folks at

It is important for all public officials (local, state, and national) to know about the vital work historical organizations do to educate the general public and the role your organization plays in a democratic and civil society, making citizens more thoughtful about the decisions they make and the consequences of those decisions.

That is why AASLH sponsors, advocates, and lobbies on behalf of state and local history at the national level through strategic partnerships with other organizations and at important events like Museums Advocacy Day.