Whether you wear one hat, two hats, five hats or you’ve lost count, sometimes we who work in history and museums need to go outside the field to gain the training needed to make sure our hats fit well.

Invest in your institution’s ability to successfully complete projects and serve your community by planning to join us for the Project Management workshop July 15-16 at the amazing Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, one of the premier museums in America.

AASLH’s Project Management for History Professionals workshop is a fast-paced, two-day course that will teach you the basics of successful project management so you can wear the hat of project manager with confidence and sharpened skills.

Perhaps you supervise someone who shows great promise in managing projects and she or he would benefit from additional training. The Project Management workshop is valuable training for staff at all levels.

Participants bring real projects to the workshop, apply project management principles, and return home equipped to begin their project in an efficient, orderly and open manner. Past participants have addressed exhibitions, education programs, collections, fundraising initiatives, special events, marketing campaigns, and much more.


While in the Dearborn/Detroit area, you’ll also want to make plans to visit other outstanding museums and cultural institutions.

More information, including details on saving $40 if you register by June 15, can be found here.

“The first exercise had us identifying the hallmarks of a poorly-run project—lack of clarity, poor communication, frustration and even anger. Contrast those with what you feel when you are involved in a well-run project—satisfaction, accomplishment and pride. It might sound a bit touchy-feely, but it set the stage for the importance of learning good project management skills. We were encouraged to use a real project from our work-life as we learned about project objectives, stake-holders and scope.”

You can read more about BJ Larson’s experience in the workshop here (note that at the time she took the workshop it was three instead of the now two days).

Adding project management fundamentals to your skill-set will help you learn how to accurately define a project, plan it, manage the work (and the workers), and review the final product and process.

Make plans now to join us in Dearborn July 15-16 for Project Management so you can wear the hat of project manager and wear it well!

Steve HoskinsThe Project Management workshop is taught by Steven Hoskins, Ph.D., author of AASLH’s Technical Leaflet (#260) “Calculating Risk: A Guide to Managing Risk in History Projects.”