The American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) is requesting proposals for the Director of the Seminar of the History Leadership Institute (HLI) for 2023.

The History Leadership Institute is a suite of related AASLH programs for mid- and advanced-career professionals at history organizations of all types and sizes. Since 1959, the HLI Seminar has provided people at all management levels tools, ideas, and connections to enhance and improve their ability to lead history institutions and the field.

The Seminar Director plans, develops, coordinates, and evaluates the HLI Seminar in collaboration with AASLH staff, an Advisory Board, and partner organizations. The Director also ensures that the Seminar aligns with AASLH’s mission, vision, values, and strategic framework. The Seminar Director is an independent contractor with respect to AASLH and not an employee of AASLH.

The Seminar Director is responsible for: 

  • Developing the Seminar curriculum and schedule, including the session topics, field trips, selection of session facilitators, creation of facilitator biographies and contact information, and identification of supporting materials and resources. Local arrangements, such as virtual and in-person meeting spaces, housing, meals, and transportation, are coordinated by others.
  • Reviewing applications of Associates and providing recommendations to the Advisory Board upon request. The Seminar Director does not select, rank, or vote on applicants.
  • Hosting the Seminar by attending all online and in-person sessions, providing introductions and making connections among the session topics, encouraging participation and collegiality among the Associates, and thanking host organizations and facilitators.
  • Evaluating the Seminar by preparing annual report for the Advisory Board.
  • Promoting the Seminar and History Leadership Institute, including hosting the HLI Reception at the AASLH Annual Conference, contributing occasionally to social media, revising website content, and assisting with fundraising.
  • Attending the meetings of the HLI Advisory Board, which typically occur twice a year, as a non-voting member.
  • Serve as instructor for the HLI Leadership online course. Director will develop and lead the HLI leadership course.
  • Advising on related programs for mid- and advanced-career professionals offered by AASLH, such as the Leadership Forum and online courses, working closely with the Professional Development staff at AASLH.

See the request for proposals for more information about responsibilities, qualifications, preferred experience, and the application process. Applications are due by Friday, September 30. 

Any questions regarding this RFP can be directed to Ashley Bouknight-Claybrooks, AASLH Senior Manager of Professional Development, at No phone calls, please.