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Media Contact: Chelsie Bauer
Deadwood History, Inc.

DEADWOOD – Deadwood History, Inc. was selected to receive a $1,000 Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. Environmental Community Opportunity Fund (ECO) grant.  The grant supports Project Greenhouse, an ongoing education program at Deadwood History.

Project Greenhouse is located behind the Days of ‘76 Museum. The greenhouse serves as a living laboratory for students in grades K-12. Project Greenhouse enables students to gain an understanding and appreciation for how food goes from the ground to the dinner table.  Not only do students plant, care for and harvest plants, they learn about soils, plants that grow in higher elevations and the history of gardening in the Black Hills. The greenhouse is used for summer camps, weekend workshops, school tours and high school senior projects.

Project Greenhouse partners include: Deadwood History, Inc., Montana –Dakota Utilities Co., Adams-Mastrovich Family Foundation and Deadwood Historic Preservation Commission.


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