Emerging History Professionals

The Emerging History Professionals Affinity Community

The AASLH Emerging History Professionals (EHP) Affinity Community supports, connects, and unites the newest generation of state and local history practitioners.

What is an Emerging History Professional?

Anyone in the early stages of a public history career is an Emerging History Professional. This includes graduate and undergraduate students, hobbyists, early-career professionals, and any other AASLH members who feel that they would benefit from the support offered by this affinity community. We are a new affinity community looking for members and would love for you to get involved!


Our goals include providing support and professional development opportunities for emerging history professionals and creating and maintaining physical and digital spaces where EHPs can meet, discuss ideas, and network. To achieve these goals, we plan to arrange mentoring sessions between EHPs and experienced professionals, offer CV and interview advice, organize networking opportunities, schedule experiential and problem-solving sessions at the annual conferences, and encourage the building of friendships among EHPs.

Emerging History Professionals Committee

The AASLH Emerging History Professionals Affinity Community is led by the following committee:

Casey Wooster, Chair (2017-2022)

Kyle Mathers (2019-2022)
First Division Museum, Wheaton, IL

Iliana Morton (2019-2022)
Camron-Stanford House, Oakland, CA

Lindsay Davis (2020-2022)
Missouri Historical Society, Saint Louis, MO

Zachary Hottel (2020-2022)
Shenandoah County Library- Truban Archives, Edinburg, VA

AASLH Staff Contacts
Rebecca Mendez

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