“SHA was the best learning experience of my career. I learned more about issues facing all of us and strategies. It was inspirational.”

“Getting out of my bubble was important. I appreciated the honesty with no pressure to be anything other than ourselves.”

“This far exceeded my expectations and has left me energized, motivated and inspired.”

“Amazing ideas, good associations—got a tremendous amount to take back and I am charged up.”
“Thank you! I am energized and willing to try new things.”
—Parting comments from the Class of 2014

The SHA Class of 2014.

The SHA Class of 2014.

If you want to develop your skills as a leader in your institution, if you want to enhance your knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing the field of history, if you are ready to be part of the larger network of history leaders around the country, then apply to be in the SHA class of 2015.

We are seeking leaders at all levels – executive directors, curators, preservationists, educators, archivists, historians, interpreters, marketing and development professionals, and others.

Each year we select 21 individuals, and we look for a mix of talent and interests to enrich the learning and broaden the perspective. The faculty, too, come from a variety of institutions, bringing their experience and knowledge to inform the issues we discuss.

This year’s curriculum will include discussions about how:

  • You can improve the ways your organization presents and interprets the past for greater relevance today
  • Your organization can make better use of collections to engage people in exploring and understanding the past
  • Your organization can evaluate the impact it has on the people it serves
  • You can help garner the financial resources your organization needs to carry out its mission
  • You can help your organization change; and how you can be a leader, even if you’re not the boss.

You can expect discussions about these and other topics in the classroom, on field trips to several museums in Indy, at dinner with faculty, and late at night with your colleagues at the hotel.

We hope you will apply to Developing History Leaders@SHA in 2015. If you’ve been thinking about it for a while, why not this year?

Applications for the Class of 2015 are due May 18, 2015. Click How to Apply for more information.

Please email Bob Beatty at sha@aaslh.org with your intent to apply for SHA.

For more information visit the Developing History Leaders @SHA website

Class of 2015
October 31 – November 21
Indianapolis, Indiana