Want to have your voice heard at the 2017 AASLH Annual Meeting? Current Issues Forum (CIF) chairs are looking for panels of ten to fifteen participants to discuss key questions that AASLH members should be addressing. As a participant, you will be provided with relevant background information by the chair to spark ideas prior to the Annual Meeting. During the Forum in Austin, participants will discuss the topic with a particular outcome in mind, for example a History News article or AASLH blog post.

Forum 1: “What Role Should Historic Sites Play in Teacher Professional Development?”
Thursday, September 7, 10:15 am-12:15 pm

Many public history institutions offer teacher professional development programs. Both Ford’s Theatre and Monticello are working with researchers to look at their programs’ efficacy. This forum will bring together practitioners who want to think about what role we are best suited to play in teacher learning.

Chair: Sarah Jencks, Director of Education and Interpretation, Ford’s Theatre Society, Washington, D.C. Contact Sarah at sjencks@fords.org

Forum 2: “Mentorship: An Imperative for Future Leaders”
Friday, September 8, 8:30–10:30 am

We are seeking mid-career professionals and those currently in leadership positions to participate in a dialogue that will consider the importance of mentorship for the next generation of the field’s leaders and the responsibility of the field to foster it explicitly. We believe that a strong mentoring network between current professionals in leadership positions and those rising through the ranks will prepare the next generation of directors and move the field in new directions. To be clear, this is not primarily about emerging professionals.

Chair: Kristin Gallas, kristin_gallas@uml.edu.

Deadline is July 14. Session chairs will make final selections of participants by July 21. If you are selected to participate and register for the conference after July 21, we will honor the Early Bird price for your registration. CIF discussants represent a range of vantage points and career stages in the history discipline.

To participate in Current Issues Forum, submit online:

  1. A one-paragraph description of what you would like to discuss with your peers (as it relates to the CIF topic)
  1. A one-paragraph bio

For questions please contact Aja Bain at abain@aaslh.org