AASLH is pleased to announce our newest publications from Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. Our books cover a wide range of topics, from interpretation to marketing to evaluation at historic sites and beyond. AASLH members always save 20% on these and other Rowman & Littlefield titles.

Interpreting Immigration at Museums and Historic Sites draws from the collective learning of the forty museums and historic sites that make up the Immigration and Civil Rights Network of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience. It includes strategies for the design, implementation, marketing and sustaining of programs that help visitors use the lens of history to address contemporary immigration issues.

Interpreting Difficult History at Museums and Historic Sites includes various examples of difficult knowledge and detailed examples of specific interpretation methods, and gives readers an in-depth explanation of the psychoanalytic educational theories behind methodologies. This book aims to help audiences responsibly and productively engage in learning histories of oppression and trauma in measured and sensitive environments.

Interpreting Military History at Museums and Historic Sites presents new interpretative methods for military history, as well as through case studies of museums and historic sites that have created programs, interpretive media, outreach strategies, and mission goals updated to meet the needs of today’s patrons.


Interpreting Food at Museums and Historic Sites offers a framework for understanding the big ideas in food history, suggesting best practices for linking objects, exhibits and demonstrations with the larger story of change in food production and consumption over the past two centuries – a story in which your visitors can see themselves, and explore their own relationships to food.

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget: A Guide for Small Museums and Historic Sites is a one-stop marketing guide for small organizations with limited budget and staff. It covers marketing strategies, event promotion, expanding your audience, using social media, and creating a website, among other useful topics.


amandaTextile Collections: Preservation, Access, Curation, and Interpretation in the Digital Age  is essential reading for anyone who cares for, collects, exhibits, or interprets historic costume or textile collections. It explores the nature of digital material culture, online collections, and strategies for helping patrons find, access, and understand your textiles.

Practical Evaluation Guide: Tools for Museums and Other Informal Educational Settings (3rd Edition) serves as a basic, easy-to-follow guide for museum professionals and students who want to understand the effects of such public institutions on the people who visit them. This new edition includes updates throughout and features a brand-new chapter on evaluating digital interactive exhibits.

Cemetery Tours and Programming: A Guide shows the range and opportunities of cemetery programming that go beyond traditional historic walking tours. It illustrates the reuses of both historic and contemporary burial grounds through the lenses of recreation, education, and reflection. this book is accessible to anyone (paid staff members, volunteers, a Friends Group, or museum or historical society) looking to broaden the scope of how their local cemetery is utilized.

Recruiting and Managing Volunteers in Museums: A Handbook for Volunteer Management highlights successful projects, incentives, and general museum culture which support volunteer activities and includes examples of volunteer job descriptions, calls for volunteers, evaluation forms, as well as volunteer project outlines.

Free and Easy Website Design for Museums and Historic Sites offers advice and techniques created with an eye to making websites work for smaller institutions with limited budgets and time frames. It includes how-to guides, step by step content and design planning help, and basic HTML coding tips and tricks. It also includes a free companion website with resources and updates.

mem mktgMembership Marketing in the Digital Age: A Handbook for Museums and Libraries is a membership manager’s reference book to what works and how on relevant topics such as: acquiring and retaining members, planning and projecting membership, and member engagement and loyalty.