What makes a museum successful at attracting and serving visitors?

After ten years of analyzing results from the many different organizations that have participated in the Visitors Count! visitor survey program, we’ve found the answer….which is that there is no universal answer.

No one recipe for success that works with every museum. What “drives” a successful visit varies greatly, even among museums of similar type. Success requires collecting real data you’re your visitors. With Visitors Count! you receive:

  1. Key Drivers that identify your museum’s unique visitor experience attributes—these are absolute “deal breakers” that determine whether or not your visitors have a high quality experience.
  2. Benchmarks that compare your survey results with other museums of similar type, budget size, governance, geographic location, and more. No other program offers this benefit!
  3. Our proven survey instrument that saves you valuable time and money. Plus you receive custom questions and a convenient payment plan.

Want 175 more reasons? That’s the number of museums and historic sites that have already surveyed their visitors with Visitors Count! Check out the list of past and current Visitors Count! clients here and make 2016 the year you discover the key to your museum’s success.

Sign up by June 1 to survey your summer and fall visitors. (Have a different busy season? We’re always happy to tailor a survey plan that fits your visitation seasons.)

To discuss using Visitors Count! at your museum, contact Cherie Cook at cook@aaslh.org or 573-893-5164.