Roanoke Island Festival Park (RIFP)
Manteo, North Carolina

With Visitors Count! RIFP learned that its Key Drivers were all about offering visitors an experience that was fun, family-oriented, and focused on the mystery of Roanoke being the first colony before Jamestown. After completing the program, RIFP concluded that its branding and publicity material did not accurately convey those Key Drivers.

Using the scientific and comprehensive data that supported this claim, RIFP was able to secure several grants to rebrand all publicity material. They hired an outside consultant to create a new public face for the site and a strategic marketing campaign that included new advertising, publicity materials, corporate collateral, way-finding signage, and even a new tag line.

Roanoke Island Festival Park

Once RIFP visitor numbers increased they could demonstrate strong community support and engagement with the public. With these successes, RIFP was able to receive $3 million from the State of North Carolina to overhaul existing exhibitions spaces and create new ones.

Again, RIFP turned to the results of the Visitors Count survey for guidance on what topics, subjects, and types of experiences visitors were looking for. From the survey, RIFP:

  1. Created a new living history experience on Native Americans
  2. Overhauled the Visitor Center
  3. Updated the Roanoke Adventure Museum

By using the results from the Visitors Count survey program, RIFP was able to learn what its visitors were looking for and then develop an advertising campaign and eventually new exhibition spaces to meet those expectations. RIFP created a thriving history site and continues to enjoy high visitor numbers which translates to stability and increased revenue for the organization.