The Key to Your Success

Visitors Count! is a visitor research program that provides the answers you need to create a successful and thriving history organization. Gone are the days when you could base your museum or historic site’s definition of success on visitation totals, budget reports, or staff goals and objectives. Successful organizations understand what people expect, need, and want when visiting―and what will bring them back. And only your visitors can provide this critical insight.


Program Update: The next opportunity to use the Gate Visitor Survey is summer/fall 2017. We’ll begin working on custom questions June 1. If winter and/or the holidays is a significant visitation time at your museum or site, talk with us about extending your survey project. Don’t forget! Visitors Count! can also help you collect data and feedback from teachers who bring classes for an onsite program. The next teacher survey begins in August 2017. Start planning and budgeting now to survey teachers during the 2017-18 school year.

Gain Perspective

Survey ratings only tell part of the story. Visitors Count! places your visitor survey data in perspective by comparing your results with museums similar to yours, all while keeping data confidential. Find out how you stack up to museums or sites in your region, those with similar budgets, and more. Visitors Count! is the only program that offers this valuable benchmarking feature.

Know Your Edge

It’s no longer enough to know why people visit museums and sites. You need to know why people come to your museum or site. What makes your museum unique? Only when you know this can you develop a visitor experience that builds audience loyalty and guarantees your doors stay open.

See The Results

Read how other organizations are using the Visitors Count! program and turning their results into success.

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