Standards & Excellence Program

StEPs is the Standards and Excellence Program for History Organizations. It helps small- and mid-sized history museums, historic sites and houses, including all-volunteer ones, assess policies and practices, manage daily operations and plan for the future.

Visitors Count!

Visitor Research Program

Visitors Count! is a visitor research program that offers unique features you won’t find anywhere else. Create programs, justify decisions, and plan for the future with clear and accurate visitor data instead of assumptions and guesses. Visitors Count! is an investment in your organization’s future success.


For Leadership in History

Every year, the Leadership in History Awards publicly recognize superior and innovative achievements in the collection, preservation, and interpretation of state and local history. Browse past awardees, or nominate for this coming year.

Affinity Groups

Discuss the latest issues, share ideas, and help initiate change that benefits you and your specific area of interest. Choose from 10 different AASLH Communities and help develop programs and services that reflect current trends in your area. Membership is FREE.

History Leadership Institute

Formerly known as Developing History Leaders at SHA, this is an annual three-week intensive seminar that employs case studies, workshops, forums, and field trips to present and engage the best practices and ideas of history organization leadership and management. For over fifty years, this program has provided history professionals the tools, ideas, and connections that allow them to become effective leaders and managers of history organizations.


AASLH serves as a national advocate for the field and provides tools and resources at the local level to help strengthen advocacy and awareness of history organizations across the country.


Research, books, Technical Leaflets, websites, podcasts, webinars, white papers, industry trends, articles, position papers, sample planning documents, and more.